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EcodesignLab is a spin off company of University of Camerino that offers eco-design and eco-innovation services to the companies.

The team is made up of professors, researchers and young graduated designers of Master “Eco-design and Eco-innovation” held by University of Camerino, with expertise in design for environmental sustainability and development and innovation of sustainable products and materials.

Eco Design Lab

We can grow together looking positively to the future

Our mission is to contribute to the innovation and competitiveness of companies, supporting their business strategies and best practices toward environmental sustainability. These are the main activities of EcodesignLab:
Research and development
Consulting and environmental communication

research and development

  • assessment of product environmental profile
  • analysis of the environmental critical points of products and definition of the improvement options by design
  • research on new materials and production technologies with reduced environmental impact

eco design

  • product redesign to improve the environmental performances
  • development of concepts for new eco-friendly products

through strategies of eco-design such as:
design for reduction
design to reduce the use of material and energy throughout the product life cycle
design for durability
design to increase the maintainability and lengthening of product useful life
design for disassembling
design to facilitate the product disassembling and the optimization of its “end of life”

consulting and communication

  • definition of strategies and tools for the product environmental communication
  • consulting and support to achieve the environmental product certifications (ecolabels)
  • organization of exhibitions and events on eco-design and environmental issues

Our customers?

Manufacturing firms

EcodesignLab aims to be a partner for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) who wish to implement sustainable design strategies to improving their position in domestic market and / or conquer new international markets.

Organizations and institutional bodies

Organizations and institutional bodies who want to start projects of growth or cooperation toward environmental sustainability

Benefits for companies:


  • differentiate and make their own products more competitive
  • innovate their own products in a sustainable way
  • certify their own product with environmental labels (ecolabels)
  • create new market opportunities


  • reduce the costs of product life cycle
  • optimize the resources and energy consumption in all stages of product life-cycle


  • strengthen the brand identity by increasing the environmental values of company
  • increase the “green reputation” of your own company and products



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EcodesignLab s.r.l
services of eco-design and product eco-innovation
c/o School of Architecture and Design “E. Vittoria” – University of Camerino
Viale della Rimembranza snc, 63100 Ascoli Piceno

EcodesignLab spin off UnicamEcodesignLab is a spin off company
of University of Camerino


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